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    3/4 hp Mini Air Compressor, 115 PSI, 2/4/5 Gallon

    SKU: pgyt681.cnPR-304
    Mini silent air compressor is available with 2, 4, 5 gallon tank capacity, 3.8 CFM air displacement at 115 PSI. This 120V air compressor direct drive induction motor of 0.55 kW (3/4 hp) power, thermal load protection keeps the motor safe.

    1 hp Small Air Compressor, 115 PSI, 2 Gallon

    SKU: pgyt681.cnPR-001
    2 Gal. tank capacity portable air compressor offers 8 Bar 115 PSI maximum pressure and air delivery 108L/Min, 3.8 CFM. 1 hp (0.75 kW) direct drive induction motor with thermal overload protection, professional grade, quiet air compressor for long life.

    2 hp Portable Air Compressor, 115 PSI, 4/6/11/13 Gallon

    SKU: pgyt681.cnPR-002S
    Small portable air compressor features a 2 hp direct drive motor for superior performance. It has an air delivery of 7.1 CFM at 115 PSI, higher PSI equates to longer air tool run times and increased project efficiency while operation at 80 dBA brings less noise to your work environment.

    3 hp Portable Air Compressor, 125 PSI, 8/11/13/26 Gallon

    SKU: pgyt681.cnPR-003S
    Best mini direct driven air compressor is powered by a 3 hp (2.2 kW) motor that produces 7.1 CFM at 125 PSI for increased productivity, it features include a convenient handle, smooth-rolling wheels and a fully shrouded pump for protection, is available with 8, 11, 13, 26 gallon tank capacity.

    1.5 hp 11 Gallon 115 PSI Belt Driven Air Compressor

    SKU: pgyt681.cnPR-105
    11 Gal. tank capacity air compressor powered by a 1.5 hp (1.1 kW) 120V AC electric belt driven motor that produces 6.5 CFM air delivery at 118 PSI pressure. 1 stage lubricated designed air compressor, with their cast iron cylinders, provide the quality and performance that are required in the applications.

    2 hp Belt Driven Air Compressor, 115 PSI, 15/18 Gallon

    SKU: pgyt681.cnPR-002BD
    This two cylinder belt driven air compressor with 2 horsepower (1.5 kW), providing a max pressure of to 115 PSI, max speed up to 1050 rpm, 15 gallon and 18 gallon tank capacity of the best air compressors are available.

    3 hp 18 Gal. 115 PSI Belt Driven Air Compressor

    SKU: pgyt681.cnPR-003BD
    2.2 kW (3 hp) air compressor is powerful and portable with a built-in wheel kit and easy carry handle. Using the long life highly efficient, smooth and quiet operating 11.8 CFM, twin cylinder belt drive compressor pump, and the tank capacity of this 115 PSI air compassor is 18 Gal..

    4 hp 23 Gal. 115 PSI Belt Driven Air Compressor

    SKU: pgyt681.cnPR-004
    The 23 gallon 4 hp (3 kW) belt driven air compressor is a great value, high performance compressor suitable for professional garage, workshop and industrial applications. Featuring a 8 bar 115 PSI maximum pressure single stage or 175 PSI two stage , three cylinder pump, easy to operate and maintain.

    5.5 hp Belt Driven Air Compressor, 11/16/21/24 Gallon

    SKU: pgyt681.cnPR-505
    High quality belt driven air compressor has double or triple cylinder pump versions that powered by a single phase 5.5 hp (4 kW) electric motor, 8 bar 115 PSI maximum pressure, is Ideal for powering all commonly used air tools and spray equipment.

    7.5 hp 32 Gal. 115 PSI Belt Driven Air Compressor

    SKU: pgyt681.cnPR-705
    This oilless belt drive air compressor has three cylinder pump, 7.5 horsepower (5.5 kW) that provides 826L/Min, 29.1 CFM at maximum pressure. It has a voltage of 120V AC at 60 Hz powered by a single phase motor. 32 gallon capacity and the tank type is horizontal.

    10 hp Belt Driven Air Compressor, 175 PSI, 48/60/80 gallon

    SKU: pgyt681.cnPR-010
    A belt driven air 10 horsepower air compressor comprised of a aluminium 2-stage air pump with cast iron cylinders and a smooth running electrical motor. It has 12.5 Bar 175 PSI maximum pressure, 48 gallon, 60 gallon, 80 gallon receiver capacity are optional.

    15 hp 74 Gal. 430 PSI Belt Driven Air Compressor

    SKU: pgyt681.cnPR-015
    The 15 hp (11 kW) air compressor is belt driven, 74 gallon (280 litres) tank capacity with wheels, maximum pressure up to 30 Bar, 430 PSI. It also has a air delivery rating of 1000 Litres/min, making it ideal for almost any work including fastening, cleaning, mechanical work and painting.