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    Troubleshooting Combustible Gas Detector

    When using the fixed combustible gas detector, it is inevitable that there will be some failures. Then, why do these failures occur, and how can we troubleshoot them? The following are simple examples of several troubleshooting methods.
    In the process of using the combustible gas detector, it should not be installed close to the air conditioner and heating equipment. If the cold or warm air directly flows to the gas detector, it may cause the change of electrical resistivity of the alarm platinum wire and then the error occurs. Therefore, the alarm should be located far away from air conditioners and heating equipment to avoid the gas detector failures caused by improper placement.

    What is a Gas Detector?

    AG亚洲Gas detector is an instrument for detecting the concentration of gas leakage, including portable gas detector, hand-held gas detector, fixed gas detector, online gas detector, etc. It mainly uses a gas sensor to detect the types of gases present in the environment, and the gas sensor is a sensor used to detect the composition and content of the gas.

    4 Tips for Installing a Fixed Gas Detector

    AG亚洲Fixed gas detector is mainly used in workshop, laboratory and other places that need to detect gas leakage. So the proper installation of the fixed gas detector will safeguard the life of workers. The following are some tips for the installation and use of the fixed gas detector for your reference. The gas detector has its own requirements for the environmental conditions including humidity, temperature, pressure and other basic conditions. Generally, the factory environment is appropriate and the gas detector can be installed directly.

    Gas Detector Applications

    Gas detector is a kind of instrument widely used to detect the trace presence of toxic gas or inflammable and explosive gas in the air. Because of its characteristics such as high sensitivity and high precision, it ensures the safety of users or applicable fields. Gas leak detector is one of the equipment in great demand in specific fields at present. So what are the main application fields of the gas detector?

    The gas detectors are typically applied in the exploration drilling platforms, production platforms, onshore oil and gas terminal stations, refineries, etc. And it is often used to detect the inflammable and explosive gases like Hydrocarbon gas, and toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, and so on.

    What is SCARA Robot?

    SCARA robots, also known as Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm or joint robotic arm, which are one of the most common forms of industrial robots in today's industrial field. SCARA robots are suitable for mechanical automation in many industrial fields, such as automatic assembly, painting, handling, welding and so on.

    Gas Detector, Gas Leak Detector

    A gas detector is an instrument used for the gas leakage concentration detection. The gas detector works mainly by using gas sensor inside to detect the presence of gas in the environment. The gas sensor serves as a reference point or scale which is the core part of gas leak detectors. Different gas sensors can react to different gases, so that the gas detector can detect different types and concentrations of gases. When the detected gas concentration exceeds the preset value, the alarm will sound to warm the user. So, it is an essential part of safety system to safe guard your life.

    Gas Detector Applications

    How to Make Current Sensor?

    AG亚洲The current sensor is a detection device that can sense the information of the measured current and convert the sensed information into an electrical signal that meets a certain standard or other required form of information output to meet the transmission of information, processing, storage, display, recording and control requirements. As the main components in the control and transmission system, the Hall current sensor plays an important role in the overall stability of the equipment. Hall current sensors are widely used in various industries such as frequency control, battery detection, power supply, servo, welding machine power supply, photovoltaic inverter, wind power inverter, electroplating, locomotive and so on.

    AG亚洲The manufacturing process of the current sensor is very complicated and has many operation steps. Now ATO shows you how to make current sensor, so that you can have a better understanding of the current sensor.

    How to Buy Best Fiber Laser Marker?

    AG亚洲Fiber laser marker is a kind of laser marker, whose principle is to output laser through the laser, and then realize the marking function through the high-speed scanning galvanometer system. The fiber laser marker has higher photoelectric conversion rate, faster marking speed and smaller volume than the ordinary laser marker. What’s more, because of the characteristics of air cooling system and strong output beam quality stability, it is widely used in various industry. Here ATO shows how to buy best fiber laser marker.

    How does Water Quality Tester Measure Turbidity?

    AG亚洲Turbidity is one of the most important parameters when using water quality tester to measure the water quality of the natural environment. However, many people do not fully understand the details of turbidity measurement. Here is how does water quality tester measure turbidity.

    The water quality in the natural environment is easily affected by some suspended particulate matter, and these suspended particulate matter can be measured by a water quality tester to get a specific value, that is, turbidity. In general, turbidity is closely related to climate or surface water conditions, so if you want to know whether the environmental conditions of lakes and rivers have changed, you can judge by measuring the turbidity of the water.

    Laser Marking Machine Troubleshooting

    When a fault occurs during the use of the laser marking machine, the problem should be solved in time, otherwise it will directly affect the workshop output. Actually, the maintenance of the laser marking machine is a little troublesome, but the working principle is very simple, so many problems can be solved by the operator without professional technicians. Here are several common problems and causes of laser marking machine.

    How to Use Rotational Viscometer?

    Rotary viscometer is widely used to measure the dynamic viscosity of various fluids such as grease, paint, coating, plastic, food, medicine, adhesive and so on. It is popular because of the simple structure, cheap price, convenience and practicality. But in the process of communicating with customers, it was found that many of them have some doubts about how to use the rotational viscometer correctly. Now ATO will tell you the correct use of rotational viscometer, so that you can use ATO’s rotational viscometer more efficiently and conveniently.

    What are the Different Types of Viscometer?

    Viscometer is an instrument used to measure the viscosity of a fluid ( liquid or gas ). Viscosity is the physical quantity of internal friction occurring in the fluid when the fluid is flowing. It is the ability of the fluid to resist deformation and an important index used to identify some finished or semi-finished products. Viscosity varies with the type and temperature of the fluid. And what are the different types of viscometer? The following are seven common types which are widely used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, light industry, textiles and other fields.

    Troubleshooting Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

    The installed rotor of a rotary vane vacuum pump is tangent to the stator fixed surface inside the pump eccentric, two or more rotary vanes slide in the rotor slot and contact with the inner wall of the stator, which makes the pump chamber divided into several variable volumes.

    Generally, the clearance between the rotary vane and pump chamber is sealed by oil, so the rotary vane vacuum pump is usually an oil seal mechanical vacuum pump.

    AG亚洲The rotary vane vacuum pump can remove the dry gas from the sealed container. It can remove a certain amount of condensable gas if it has gas ballast device. However, it is not appropriate to remove some gases that are highly oxygenated, corrosive to metals, react chemically to pump oil, and contain particulate dust.

    The rotary vane vacuum pump failure is divided into operation failure and performance failure.

    What is an Automatic Screw Feeder?

    An automatic screw feeder is an automatic device that replaces human hands to take, put and tighten the screws by automatic mechanism, which mainly applies for automatic assembly, such as producing car components, computers, display screens, motors, lamps and lanterns, mobile phones, printers, circuit boards and batteries. It can extremely improve production efficiency and reliability as well as reduce production costs. 

    Automatic screw feeders are divided into the handheld automatic screw feeder and the fully automatic screw feeder. 

    How to Select a Pressure Washer?

    The pressure washer is a machine that washes the surface of objects by a power unit to generate high-pressure water from high-pressure piston pump. It can remove and wash away the dirt to reach the purpose of clean the surface of objects. Using high-pressure water column to clean the dirt, high-pressure washes is a clean way that is the most scientific, economic and environmental in the world. However, how to choose a pressure washer?

    Air Compressor Troubleshooting

    The air compressor is a compressed gas equipment that is applied for every process of industrial production. As an important industrial equipment, the air compressor provides pneumatic power sources, which is a core device of the pneumatic system. It changes mechanical energy of dynamic into gas pressure energy, which is an air pressure generating device of compressed air. However, if some problems occur in the air compressor, how should we discover and resolute?

    How to Select an Industrial Endoscope?

    AG亚洲The industrial endoscope plays an important role in the industrial inspection. As the development of technology, the industrial endoscope is used widely because the manufacturer pursues quality inspection and intact testing. There are various industrial endoscopes, and different kinds of endoscopes are used on different fields, such as petrochemical industry, aviation, and industrial machinery, etc. However, how to select an industrial endoscope?

    AG亚洲Different kinds of industrial endoscopes have different range of application. Usually an industrial endoscope should be selected according to the position of inspected objects. The selection of the industrial endoscope is based on following factors.

    Water Chiller Troubleshooting

    The water chiller is a water cooling equipment, which can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure. The principle of the water chiller is that a certain amount of water is injected into internal water tank, making refrigerating system cools the water, and then water pump inside the machine injects cryogenic freezing water into an equipment which needs to cool back. The frozen water takes away calories inside the machine, then high temperature water backflow in water tank cools down. Cycle alternation cool reaches a function that cools equipment.

    How to Wire & Install Isolation Transformer

    The "input" and "output" terminals of a isolation transformer should be short-circuited to test their insulation resistance against the ground wire by a megohmmeter. When measuring by 1000V megohmmeter, the resistance value is greater than 2M ohms. The cross-sectional area of the isolation transformer input and output power lines should meet the requirements of its current value. It is appropriate to configure the electric current density of 2 ~ 2.5a /mm2.

    Direct Drive Air Compressor vs. Belt Driven Air Compressor

    As an important form of energy generation, air compressors are widely used in various industrial fields, including mechanical, metallurgy, Electronic power, medicine, packaging, chemicals, food, textile, transportation and so on.
    Direct drive of air compressor refers to the motor main shaft to drive the rotor by the coupling and the gearbox speed, which is not actually a direct drive in practical sense.
    Direct drive in the true sense means that the motor is directly connected with the rotor (Coaxial), which has the same speed. This situation is obviously very rare. Therefore, it is a wrong view that there is no energy loss in direct drive.
    Another drive way is belt driven, which allows the rotating speed of the rotor to be changed by pulleys of different diameters.